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Model-based Consulting, Management Education, and Coaching

Why Marketing Planning? (1 of 2)

Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential (W. Churchill) Despite the ravings of some so-called authors (I won’t mention their names, but you will, unfortunately, find them on the web) who attempt to be original and iconoclastic, saying that “strategic planning is dead”, due to a number of obvious (but irrelevant) considerations such…
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The risk of ignoring management science in marketing

In the post of March 31st, I was referring to the fiftieth anniversary of Montgomery & Urban beautiful and fundamental book on management science in marketing, now unfortunately out of print. In their introduction, they had listed the six major factors that were slowing down the growth of this discipline, also known as operations research…
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The Urgent Need for Data Literacy

I have some difficulties at translating with a short and meaningful English sentence the famous Italian expression (in fact, a sort of vernacular jargon in Rome) “‘ndo cojo cojo“! It sounds like a Japanese saying, but it means something like “shooting randomly”. In the area of marketing and communication, it’s a method of aiming at…
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