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The Urgent Need for Data Literacy

I have some difficulties at translating with a short and meaningful English sentence the famous Italian expression (in fact, a sort of vernacular jargon in Rome) “‘ndo cojo cojo“! It sounds like a Japanese saying, but it means something like “shooting randomly”. In the area of marketing and communication, it’s a method of aiming at…
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The usefulness of a humanistic background in data analysis

This is for all those, like me, who were so unlucky to have very bad teachers of mathematics in high school, and had to study maths more seriously at college and graduate schools, when it was too late to intimately absorb the logic and philosophy of this fundamental science. As I anticipated in the last…
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The critical role of management science in marketing

The fiftieth anniversary of Montgomery & Urban’s manifesto Giorgio Gandellini Especially because I keep this book as a bible, on the shelves closest to my desk, I often come across David B. Montgomery & Glen L, Urban, Management Science in Marketing, Prentice-Hall, 1969 (exactly 50 years ago, now unfortunately out of print). It wasn’t just…
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