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Model-based Consulting, Management Education, and Coaching

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Circular Marketing Assistance and Covid-19: from Consultancy to Consultancy through Management Education and Coaching

I’m welcoming this new review ( all its proceeds go to the International Red Cross) posting here my “introductory” article. Introduction and objectives We have been assisting a non-profit organization, leader in its industry in Italy, since 2018. This client counts on public funds for a quarter of its revenues, but needs to further increase…
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How to bullshit about pricing strategies

Harvard’s (very) unusual blunders I never throw mud at competitors: it’s not elegant, and those that would deserve a critique are sufficiently inadequate to disgrace themselves. But I would be very naive at thinking that I can be a serious competitor of Harvard authors and teachers since, with that label, they play a totally different…
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One “small data” about our clients that we need to know … and rarely have!

A few months ago, I had published on LinkedIn (in Italian) a short article on the usefulness of the so-called small data vs. the increasingly “fashionable” big data ( the latter are obviously useful and relevant in many industry sectors, but the problem is that most companies, especially the smallest ones, do not even have…
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