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Model-based Consulting, Management Education, and Coaching

Function (mathematically speaking)

Apologies to the author of this nice photo on Unsplash: I cannot find him/her anymore Theory is when we know everything, but nothing works. Practice is when everything works but we don’t know why. In any case, we always end up combining theory and practice: nothing works and we don’t know why (Albert Einstein) Here it…
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(… but not in the sense of this photo!) Easy to say performance! How do we measure it? And, specifically, performance in relation to what? The two aspects are obviously related, and all depends on the context and the objectives. Without bothering our friend Albert (Einstein) and his theories on general and special relativity, it’s…
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Review's cover

Circular Marketing Assistance and Covid-19: from Consultancy to Consultancy through Management Education and Coaching

I’m welcoming this new review ( all its proceeds go to the International Red Cross) posting here my “introductory” article. Introduction and objectives We have been assisting a non-profit organization, leader in its industry in Italy, since 2018. This client counts on public funds for a quarter of its revenues, but needs to further increase…
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