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We help you transform your business through a unique blend of Models, Intuition and Experience.
Smart insights. Informed decisions. Remarkable results.


A network of experienced professionals in the areas of business strategy, data-driven marketing, international marketing, and digital communication

Our unique approach helps you at defining and addressing specific problems and opportunities, identifying alternative solutions and moves, making and implementing the most promising decisions.

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    The heart of our approach is combining models with our clients’ (and our own) intuition, experience, and judgment, in order to maximize the results of strategic
    and operational decisions, within the context of internal and external constraints.


    We build our consulting projects around a model-based approach to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of your decisions.


    We design, develop, and deliver custom-made programs and courses, frequently built around advanced models and learning tools.


    We can help you at identifying and overcoming specific problems and obstacles, finding and implementing solutions.


    In what can you mostly excel with our help

    We provide you with the most effective contents, insights, methods, and tools in the following areas.


    As individual consultants and teachers, we have been working in the areas of strategic management and business planning since the early eighties of last century, in several countries. We pioneered the use of integrated spreadsheets as tools for supporting the development of business plans and assessing the market and financial viability of innovative ventures, and designed original strategic simulations that have been used for many years in different educational and managerial contexts.


    Complementing marketing and business strategies with digital and innovative tools has always been at the heart of our approach. We have been among the first to implement a CRM system for an Italian company well before the CRM acronim was coined, our first website back in 2001 was a corporate blog well before the application of the blog concept to the corporate world. We are patners with Warp 7, a digital marketing and communication agency, to effectively tackle the digital side of our projects.


    Having worked in more than 30 countries and met hundreds of entrepreneurs and managers in many different industries, we developed an in-depth ability to
    identify the key competitive success factors depending on very diverse market and competitive contexts. This experience has been used to design and develop our
    business games on international marketing,  used for years in several leading business schools.


    We have a passion for models and, particularly, for complementing intuition, experience, and managerial judgment with measurement and algorithms. Most of these algorithms, also based on proved decision-making theories, inferential statistics, and artificial intelligence are at the heart of the projections on competitive behavior in our business games on strategic management and international marketing.

    Some of our clients​

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    Some Testimonials

    I had the pleasure to work with Nestpan International on several different projects, and all of these experiences were very enriching for all of us. NI’s professionals still represent an important asset for our Agency.

    Luigi Ferrelli

    ITA, Italian Trade Agency
    Director of HR and Administration, Former Head of the Management Education Division

    Over my decades-long tenure at ISO in Geneva, I had the opportunity to interact with Nestplan International and appreciated their rigorous yet innovative approach to strategy and international marketing.

    Daniele Gerundino

    Academic Fellow of the University of Geneva
    Former Strategic Adviser to the ISO Secretary-General

    Few hours of coaching with Nestplan International significantly contributed to broadening my strategic perspective, identifying unexplored opportunities, and better focusing my resources on the most attractive targets.

    Michele Moscati

    Owner and CEO
    Ramos S.r.l.

    Nestplan International represents a true excellence, thanks to their pragmatic approach focused on pursuing tangible outcomes. Their assistance was decisive in planning and successfully implementing a new large international initiative of my organization, involving more than 40 countries.

    Vincenzo Morlini

    Former President and CEO
    AFS Intercultural Programs – New York

    Nestplan has developed a thorough, robust and tested approach to help clients deploy effective market strategies by challenging conventional thinking and identifying opportunities for sustainable competitive advantages.

    Gino Morelli

    Director EMCG,
    New York & London

    The book “Il Nuovo Marketing Strategico,” by Gandellini, Garroni and Pace, all editions of which I have purchased, has been a source of inspiration for me since my first steps in strategic marketing in the 1990s. The marketing plan template with the first spreadsheet in Lotus 123, which I updated with new technologies, is still relevant after so many years.

    Angelo Utro

    CEO & Founder
    Acquisti Premiati

    Nestplan International’s Giorgio Gandellini has been, and will be, very helpful in supporting the startups of our region in the “Startimpresa” program of Confindustria Chieti-Pescara, thanks to his interactive and simulation-based approach, and his focus on planning, data management, and decision-making.

    The courses taught by Giorgio Gandellini in ICE’s CorCe Master’s program were the most stimulating and exciting, the ones that really gave me food for thought, opened my head and made me understand what marketing is. In recent years, many of his comments have accompanied the development of my career; it was a privilege to meet him in my educational journey.

    Carlo Papa

    Area Sales Manager
    PR Electronics, Milano

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