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Our Team

An international network made of professionals with decades of experience in their respective fields of expertise.

Giorgio Gandellini

Founder, CEO and Managing Director

Giorgio is the network’s primus inter pares. He has more than fifty years of managerial, management education and consulting experience with major multinational companies in manufacturing and service sectors, government and public institutions, and hundreds of SMEs, in more than thirty countries. A pioneer in the design of expert systems in strategic marketing since the early 1990s, he is passionate about decision support systems, business simulations, business intelligence, AI, and data-driven marketing strategies.

Alfonso Pace

Managing Partner, VP Digital Strategy

Alfonso is founder and CEO of a digital marketing and communication consultancy. He is a strategic marketing consultant and digital coach for managers and entrepreneurs of SMEs as well as a trainer in various public and private management education institutions. Co-author of the last edition of “Il Nuovo Marketing Strategico” with Giorgio Gandellini, his passion for the Internet led him to focus first on information management issues and later on the digital side of marketing and communication strategies.

Virgilio Gay

Managing Partner, VP Marketing Places

Virgilio has a decades-long experience in management consulting, education, and promotion of territories, institutions, companies, products, startups, and business networks. After 25 years in top positions in financial institutions, he fell in love with marketing of places, taking care, among other things, of a foundation internationally recognized as a best practice for local development and tourism. He is passionate about virtual and augmented reality and metaverse.

Piero Scaruffi

Co-Managing Partner, VP Artificial Intelligence

Piero is a world authority in the field of artificial intelligence. He founded Olivetti’s AI Center in California in 1985 and has lived in Silicon Valley since 1983. He has practiced, taught and published in China since 2014, particularly after China in 2016 identified AI as a strategic technology. In addition to his excellent computer science background, he has written numerous popular essays on cognitive science and is a music critic, film historian, freelance journalist, and poet. He lives and works between Silicon Valley and China.