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Management Education

Our approach

We work in close collaboration with clients to address management education and training projects and assignments. Our methodology is based on the following six phases.



We collect the essential information about the target participants’ profiles, expectations, organizational contexts and constraints, even in intercompany programs, in which the audience’s degree of diversity is highest.



Together with the client and the selected teacher in charge of the program, we define the specific learning objectives of the assignment, and design a curriculum aimed at building the required knowledge, skills, and attitudes.



We develop the program contents and the most suitable, interactive, technologically advanced, and practically-oriented teaching methodologies and materials, based on the objectives defined in the design phase and the target participants’ profiles.



We insure that objectives, contents, and teaching methodologies are clearly communicated in advance to the prospective participants, in order to minimize potential misunderstandings, stimulate their interest, and motivate them to attend the program.



Based on the planned organizational arrangements (both face-to-face and, where applicable, remotely) and teaching methodologies, and in constant contact with the client’s team, we deliver the program, ready to adjust contents, schedule, and methods if necessary.



Together with the client’s team, we constantly monitor the attendants’ degree of participation, satisfaction, and acquisition of the planned skills, capabilities, and attitudes. If appropriate, we recommend further initiatives aimed at consolidating the obtained results.

More than 40 years of experience

In close collaboration with clients, we have been conceiving, designing, developing, and managing various management education initiatives such as Master Degrees and Executive programs, face-to-face and/or remotely, in many different countries (from Italy to the USA, China, Armenia, Latvia, South Africa, Turkmenistan…).

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