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Month: March 2019

Model-based Consulting, Management Education, and Coaching

The critical role of management science in marketing

The fiftieth anniversary of Montgomery & Urban’s manifesto Giorgio Gandellini Especially because I keep this book as a bible, on the shelves closest to my desk, I often come across David B. Montgomery & Glen L, Urban, Management Science in Marketing, Prentice-Hall, 1969 (exactly 50 years ago, now unfortunately out of print). It wasn’t just…
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The not-so-obvious importance of strategy in international marketing

Ever seen a foreign client buying your product just because of your transportation modes, contractual and payment agreements, insurance policies, or customs duties? I’m not saying that these aspects are not important, on the contrary: they become essential once you have found a good client who is interested in your offer and services, but how…
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Refreshing Blue Ocean with a quantitative approach?

Few days ago, I got a message from a former student of mine at Roma Tre. He asked my advice about his idea of adopting a so-called Blue Ocean approach for helping a startup in the eyewear industry at finding “alternative” business models and markets. To make a long story short, this is what I…
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