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The 30 (definitive?) benefits of strategic marketing planning (1 of 2)

Let’s start with the first 14 In the previous posts ( and, I tried to emphasize the importance and usefulness of strategic marketing planning, in both profit and non-profit organizations, precisely because of the uncertainties and speed of change in the business environment, that are incredibly cited as some reasons for not planning by…
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Why marketing planning? (2 of 2)

Planning is everything. The plan is nothing. (D. Eisenhower) The importance of strategic planning In the previous post ( it was suggested that an important and final point to address in the development of strategic choices is the definition of an action plan, i.e. which specific actions must be performed, by whom, within which deadlines,…
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Why Marketing Planning? (1 of 2)

Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential (W. Churchill) Despite the ravings of some so-called authors (I won’t mention their names, but you will, unfortunately, find them on the web) who attempt to be original and iconoclastic, saying that “strategic planning is dead”, due to a number of obvious (but irrelevant) considerations such…
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