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Author: Giorgio Gandellini

Model-based Consulting, Management Education, and Coaching


“Luck is blind, but bad luck can see very well, and often takes aim” (Roberto “Freak” Antoni) I had to give up with the translation of another aphorism, due to the impossibility of playing with a specific Italian word which is much more picturesque than “chance” and can be interpreted in different ways in the…
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Efficiency (doing things right)

“If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a fantastic way!” (Martin Luther King Jr.) With this aphorism Martin Luther King was specifically referring to the excellence in doing any type of things (Doing things right), more than to the choice of the right things to do (Doing the right thing),…
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Effectiveness (scoring)

“Doing the right thing is more important than doing it well” (Peter Drucker) Obviously,doing the right thing, as suggested by our friend Peter, is the prerequisite of effectiveness: in the above photo we see a combination of both concepts: the unforgettable and unforgotten Ronaldo (the “true” one!), also called “the phenomenon”, does the right thing…
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